Tuning Set
ultra precise
with memory
High-precision target frequency settings
The concert pitch can be adjusted from 220.00 to 880.00 Hertz in steps of 0.01 Hz. The cent calibration can be altered by ±99.9 cent in steps of 0.1 cent. This makes the precision of the device’s target frequency better than 1/10 cent (1/1000 semitone step!).
The operating range of the device spans 9½ octaves. It starts at E“ (ca. 20 Hz) and ends at g#6 (ca. 14000 Hz), thus covering essentially the entire spectrum of human hearing.
With the partial tone adjustment, simply by tapping a key, you can switch from the 1st to the 8th partial tone. Being able to examine the frequency of individual partial tones gives you fascinating insights into the tone composition of your instrument. For organ builders, the adjustment of purely tuned intervals was installed in the device.
High-resolution strobe display
Bar graph display
The bar graph display serves as display for large deviations. It always helps you to stay orientated.
Extensive memory functions
The strobe display allows for fine-tuning. This feature enables you to effect tunings of the highest precision. With its high-resolution display, frequency deviations less than 1/100 Hertz can still be detected.

An advanced band-pass filter circuit separates the registered tone from disturbing noise. The combination of these features ensures that the device operates with absolute reliability even in critical tone ranges or in noisy surroundings.

It allows you to work with the TLA
TUNING SET in ranges difficult to capture by hearing, and where other tuning sets no longer provide stable indications.
Every musical instrument demands specific settings from the tuning device. These settings are stored within instrument programs in the Tuning Set. With the aim of getting optimum usage for various instruments from the Tuning Set CTS-7-C / CE, a memory bank for 60 instrument programs was installed in the unit.

For instruments such as the piano, harpsichord, organ, guitar and for historical instruments, you will find eight permanently stored programs in the device as delivered. The remaining space for 52 instrument programs is available for your individual usage.

The programs accomplish a multitude of tasks for you. With these programs, you can also record and store the entire tuning of an (already tuned) instrument tone-by-tone, precise to a 1/10th of a cent. By this method, any particular tuning may be reproduced. To facilitate tremolo tunings, it is possible to quickly switch between two instrument programs.
tuning sets for professional demands
Ergonomically designed operational concept with automatic functions
Thermosensor (CTS-7-CE only)

A thermosensor can be connected to the Tuning Set CTS-7-PE. This extra feature automatically adapts certain functions of the tuning task to the measured room temperature. It allows you to work independently of the room temperature.

You control all operations using an ergonomically designed 7-button keypad
An LC text display, which may be switched to English, German, French or Italian output, guides you through the different activities, so that the use of the TLA TUNING SET quickly becomes routine.
Data transmission from and to a PC
(CTS-7-CE only)

Instrument programs, historical temperaments and device adjustments can be transmitted to and retrieved from your PC via USP port.
TLA Tuning Sets are manufactured in Germany. The units are supplied complete with a charger and a detailed users manual in a beech-wood case. The device contains 4 rechargeable NiMh AA batteries. The batteries are replaceable. For the CTS-7-CE, USB cable and PC software are included in the delivery. Guarantee period: 2 years.

The audible tone and automatic search functions for tone, concert pitch and cent adjustments may be switched on or off at any time during the tuning job.
Historical temperaments

The Tuning Sets contain storage capacity for 99 temperaments. 70 standard historical temperaments have been permanently stored in the device. You may enter an additional 29 temperaments yourself.
With the piano tuner functions „Pianyzer“ and „Piano Editor“, you will produce piano-tunings that fit perfectly to individual instruments.