tuning sets for professional demands
The Tuning-Set CTS-5-C is
small and handy.

Nevertheless, this inexpensive
tuner has all the qualities of a professional tool.

An illuminated LC-text-
display, which may be switched to English, German, French or Italian output, guides you through the different activities, so that the use of the TLA TUNING SET
quickly becomes routine.


The Tuning Set CTS-5-C is manufactured in Germany.
It is delivered inclusive
charger and a detailed
operation guide in a case
of beech wood.

Audible tone

In all applications you may use the audible tone.
Piano tuning functions

4 tuning curves for piano tuning are built in. These automatically compensate for the inharmonicity of the piano strings.

With the piano tuner functions
„Pianyzer“ and „Piano Editor“, you will produce piano-tunings that fit perfectly to individual instruments.

One tuning curve you can enter yourself and your piano tuning is reproducible at any time.

Automatic functions

You can select the tuning pitch manually, or the tuner can match the instrument‘s tone automatically. The push of a button is all that is required to switch between these two modes.
Ease of use

You control all operations using an ergonomically designed 5-button keypad.
the classic

The successor of the popularTuning Set CTS-5.

Smaller, lighter and more precise

Ergonomic design
Bar graph display

The bar graph display serves as display for large deviations. It always helps you to stay orientated.
Electronic strobe display

Frequency differences of less than 1/100 Hz may be detected with this high-precision display.

In addition, the tone being examined is separated from extraneous noise by an extremely high quality filter circuit.

This combination ensures that the tuner remains totally reliable even in very low or high ranges and in noisy environments.
High-precision target frequency settings

The concert pitch can be adjusted from 380.00 to 470.00 Hertz in steps of 0.1 Hz. The cent calibration can be altered by ±99.9 cent in steps of 0.1 cent. This makes the precision of the device’s target frequency better than 1/10 cent (1/1000 semitone step!).

The operating range of the device spans 8 octaves. It starts at A“ (27.5 Hz) and ends at g#5 (ca. 7500 Hz), thus covering essentially the entire spectrum of human hearing.
Historical temperaments

The playing of old music with historical temperaments is becoming ever more popular - especially when the tuning can be simply achieved using the TLA TUNING SET.

The CTS-5-C can handle the 27 most commvon temperaments, and can transpose them into any key. The chosen temperaments designation (e.g. „Kirnberger-III“) may be read on the LC-display.

You can one temperament enter yourself.