Tuning Set
Extensive operation range ( 9 ½ octaves )

The tone adjustment occurs when changing the note automatically or either manually.
It is possible to rapidly switch between these two operating modes simply by pressing a button.
proven and comfortable operating system

with many features for your daily tuning jobs
This has proven to be very effective in the final tuning of difficult tones. With this high-precision display, deviations less than 1/100 Hertz can still be registered.
High-precision target frequency settings

The concert pitch goes from 220.00 to 880.00 hertz in steps of 0.01 Hz. By the pushing of a button, the device sets itself to a played concert pitch. Also by this method the target frequency can be altered by ±150.0 Cent in steps of 0.1 Cent.

The target frequency settings also allows you to set purely tuned intervalls and beats.

The precision of the target frequency of the TLA Tuning Set CTS-32-C exceeds 1/10 Cent (1/1000 semitone step!).

Historical temperaments (tunings)

The Tuning Set CTS-32-C contains storage capacity for 99 temperaments that can be entered by yourself. All standard historical temperaments are supplied in the device as delivered.
Instrument programs

Jedes Musikinstrument stellt an ein Stimmgerät spezielle Anforderungen. Um das Tuning Set Every music instrument lays its specific demands on a tuning device. With the aim of being able to get optimum usage for various instruments from the Tuning Set CTS-32-C, a memory bank for 99 instrument programs was installed in the unit.

These instrument programs accomplish an extensive amount of adjustments for you.
For all current instruments such as the piano, harpsichord, organ, flute and various wind- and bar instruments, tuning programs have been pre-installed in the device as supplied.

Within one of the mentioned instrument programs, the complete tuning scope of an already tuned instrument, can be recorded and registered tone by tone, precise to a 1/10th of a Cent. Any tuning can be reproduced by this method.

With the new piano tuner functions
„Pianyzer“ and „Piano Editor“, you will produce piano-tunings that fit perfectly to individual instruments.

Automatic functions

The tone adjustment occurs when changing the note automatically or either manually. It is possible to rapidly switch between these two operating modes simply by pressing a button.

USB port for PC transmission

Instrument programs, historical temperaments and device adjustments can be stored and restored on your PC as text files via the inbuilt USB port of CTS-32-C. In this possible way you can keep tuning data as much as you like.


The Tuning Set CTS-32-C is manufactured in Germany. It is delivered inclusive charger, pc-software, data cable and a detailed operation guide in a case of beech wood.

To ensure that the Tuning Set CTS‑32-C meets up to highest demands, we have installed a 32-bit microprocessor.

This allows high-speed calculation and supplies the unit with many advantages, providing direct support for your tuning tasks:
High-resolution strobe display

The Tuning Set CTS-32-C possesses a sensor input. Here a Thermosensor can be connected. This function allows for automatic consideration of the room temperature with regards to the tuning task.

Correction of organ pipe length

The tuning of an organ pipe will be measured, and the variation in dimension to reach the correct tuning, will be calculated automatically by the tuning-set.

Partial tone shifting

Simply by pushing a button you can switch immediately from the 1st to the 16th partial tone. The possibility of examining frequency and amplitude of individual partial tones gives you enticing insights into the composition of the tones of your instrument.
tuning sets for professional demands
the master class
True value display with high disturbance immunity

When a tone is played, a bar is presented on the display which graphically indicates how far the tone is from its target frequency.

Below it a numerical display shows how high the tone played actually is. It is indicated as difference value to the target frequency in „Cent“ or „Hertz“ or as absolute frequency in „Hertz“ or as „pipe length correction value“, as you may chose.

For short sounding tones, the value measured last for a specific loudness is registered. Some types of measurements are made possible only through this function.

By this means piano temperaments in the high discant range are facilitated enormously.
Microtonal mode

Microtonal music uses microtonal intervals, i.e. intervals that are smaller than a semitone. Many compositions in the 20th and 21 Century use microtones. Here, for example, the octave is divided in 17, 19, 24, 31, 53, 72 temperament-steps or divided asymmetrically in different sizes.

The micro-tonal mode has been implemented in the CTS-32-C . This created the opportunity to use different tone systems (tone-scales) or to design your own scales in a convenient manner.